D&R Chassis 34 Ford Pickup

Height is 44″ Tall on this 34 Ford Pickup

All D&R Chassis are constructed of Domestic MADE IN USA DOM in all structure areas around the drivers compartment, also every 1 1/4″ tube in the chassis as well as most 1″ tubes. For anyone not familiar with a D&R Chassis, every D&R Chassis is Fixture Built, for the sake of consistency, as well as every component on the car , also CNC machined in house, so we can QC (Quality Control ) every component before they go to the fixtures they are assembled on. The one thing you can count on is, If you purchase a D&R Chassis component, It will be exactly the same as the one you are replacing. Also worth noting all welds on our D&R Chassis and all components are Tig Welded for added strength. We are excited about our new Billet Steering Rack that will be a replacement for the Stiletto Rack that we used to use, we will be offering our new Billet Steering Rack shortly for sale.

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